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Your website and the 'scramble' on Google! Your page is no longer 'actual' or is still in its 'relaunch' phase, or search engines are simply unable to directly find it? Do not worry, the battle is a 'bottomless pit' in the respect that it requires almost constant care and adjustments. Whether web design, content management and maintenance or search engine optimisation, Marc Lang will discuss with you appropriate solutions and improvements and implement them accordingly.
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An effective and valuable corporate internet presence needs in essence four key components. An attractive design, concise content, a compact and well structured navigation menu and technical optimisations so that the site will where possible be found in the top search results on Google & Co. Marc Lang uses these four elements in the design and implementation of websites; an attractive site layout in combination with expressive text in the 'language' of the company and its industry. Naturally an easy to navigate menu system is a standard feature of his work.
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